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Our 130,000 square foot warehouse facility is designed to be the distribution hub that offers you all the resources and support for your supply chain management requirements. We are equipped to fulfill all manner of industry-specific storage and delivery objectives by customizing programs that best answer your business needs. From inventory control to fulfillment, we recognize the importance of visibility, speed, and accuracy. Inventory reports and storage records ensure current information at a glance. Our clients benefit from our invaluable insight and expertise, secure in the knowledge that we can readily meet the logistical criteria of any distribution challenge with our host of specialized services and experienced staff.
• Storage and Distribution
• Pick/Pack
• Tagging and Shrink-wrapping
• Labeling
• Re-packing/Co-packing
• Reshipping
• Transloading
• Sorting and Segregating
• Block and Brace
• Drayage
• Tradeshow Consolidation
• EDI service: 850/997/856 (ASN)
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